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Towards Confidence & Belief.

Before joining the school my child cannot sit in a place for more than 5 mins. She used to make unnecessary & erratic sounds. She was not courageous to see the face of a person and not knowing to use bathrooms.

After joining the school she is able to sit in a place quietly, she is able to use the bathroom independently and her erratic noises declined. She is also now able to see a person face to face.

The measure of transformation in her had given me the confidence & belief that my child will grow better & better in the ensuing days in the school.

Thank You!!!!


A New Life.

Dear All,

My Name is Jothi Muthu. In January 2001, I joined the shaaron special school as a teacher through the correspondent Madam Mrs. Prema.I am disabled with deformity in legs and unable to walk. There are several days I thought that my life was of no use to me nor to anyone.And I had never gone outside the house for 10 years because I did not have confidence in me. But with the grace of God and with the support of Madam I joined the school as a teacher. And I gained self-belief & confidence in me. And today I am able to think that I am of little use to some in the society.And today I am riding a tricycle and I travel a reasonable distance.

             For this new lease of life I thank the Shaaron School.

                       Jothi Muthu, Teacher

Thank You
Jothi Muthu
Teacher, Shaaron Special School


Free Lunch - A benevolent Gesture.

Hello Everyone!!!

It is a privilege to write about shaaron special school.

I know Prema sister for several years and have visited the shaaron special school for couple of times. I would like to share my experience with you.Most of us are blessed with a normal life, but when we visit the school one can really feel the challenges in the lives of the special kids which are painful to heart.

The Best part of the school is that they admit severely mentally challenged children. And another noteworthy feature about the school is that they keep the school premises neat & clean. Children get trained in several areas which build their self-confidence & equip them to lead an independent life when they leave the school. Above all, the school is providing free lunch to the students & staff.

I would also like to appreciate all the staff in the school as they are extremely dedicated.

I know how the Shaaron Special School has grown and the quality of service they are providing to the special children. It's a great honor to me to become a part of them as a sponsor. As they grow we know their needs are also growing. If you have an opportunity, Please visit Shaaron.

With Best Wishes,
Aju Jenefar

Well Wisher

Amazing Dedication.


It gives me an immense pleasure in writing about shaaron special school.

Being a mother of two, I know the time & effort it requires to take care of the kids. I was totally amazed by the amount of personal care and dedication the teachers of shaaron shown upon the special children. Further i observed the huge amount of patience and perservence exhibited by the teachers throughout the day while taking care of the special children.

The second thing which inspired me personally is the confidence of Jothi Muthu. While speaking to her I came to know that she had not come out of her house for almost 10 years. And now in spite of her disability she is working as a teacher, helping several children here.

We understand there are great needs for Shaaron Special School & for the special children. At this point we request our readers to pray to our Provider earnestly for the Special Children, School, Staff and for the Management of the school. Praise be to the Lord!

With Best Wishes,
Queenie Prasanna