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Our History - Narration by the Founder.

"The LORD has done great things for us; and we are glad". – Psalm 126:3


Life was very exciting and full of fun in my school days. During those days i had opportunity to learn and attend so many educational camps and one among them was NSS camp at Elvins centre, Sivakasi. I was able to be a participant in the camp with the assistance of my teacher Mrs. Ruby Malliga, Madurai. Elvins centre was a special school for the mentally challenged children.The days on the camp had ignited in me the spirit to work for the hapless, physically & mentally challenged with the open mind. That became my endeavour, the Lord's command.

As the days passed, i was searching for jobs and i had sent my applications to 3 places including Elvins center. To my joy and as per God's will i got a job as a helper in Elvins centre, Where i was entrusted to take care of a child named Krishna Devi. She was suffering from down-syndrome and was not able to walk and talk. And initially i found it very difficult to help her. But the job taught me that it was a nobler challenge and a higher privilege to bring up this special child.

           Mrs. T. Prema, Founder & Correspondent

Thereafter i enjoyed working with her by giving her the physiotherapy exercise daily with love and care. My untiring efforts brought out a marked improvements in her talking. This has encouraged and motivated me to study diploma in mental retardation. While pursuing the course i prayed to God to enlighten my eyes of understanding that i may see all things with eternal perspective.

After my diploma in mental retardation i became a teacher in Sneha Jyothi special school, Where i had a useful stint of service by taking care of 13 children. During this period at the school i had an opportunity to meet my Professor who has kept me informed of the news about insufficiency of schools to provide vocational rehabilitation for the special children. This has kindled my innate urge to start a special school in Rajapalayam. Though everything was looking like a mirage and tougher to start a special school, it became possible with God's clearance and guidance.

As God showed the way SHAARON JEHOVAH YEEREH Trust was founded in 1998 Reg no 199/1998 and the school was opened with 3 children in a rented house for rupees 700 in Rajapalayam. So far, since inception we have trained 197 children and at present we have 67 children for education and rehabilitation.

Since 2008, we were fortunate to have seen a spate of visitors, volunteers from various places and across the globe. And we have seen their support to our cause. The government of India also recognised and supported us by extending the tax exemption benefits to our donors under section 80G of Income tax act of 1961 (F.No 102/3/CIT-II/2007-2008). The school has grown by leaps and bounds and so our deeds. And God remains with us as a powerful guiding force.

At this moment we thank Shaaron Jehovah Yeereh trust Members, Parents, Sponsors, Volunteers, Teachers and Well Wishers for their continual prayers and support.

In our continuous pursuit of the rehabilitation of the special children we look forward to your partnership & support.

Thank You, for visiting the website and reading about us.

T. Prema
Founder & Correspondent.
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