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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps individuals gain the ability to communicate through speech and language.

Speech therapy targets a great deal of speech and language disorders, including the following:

Articulation disorders: Difficulty in producing sounds or syllables or saying words incorrectly.

Fluency disorders: Including problems like stuttering, which is characterized by abnormal stoppages, repetitions, or prolonging sounds in words

Dysphasia or feeding disorders: . Difficulties with eating and swallowing

Receptive or expressive communication disorders: Difficulties understanding and processing language, or difficulty in putting words together to form sentences, or trouble expressing or communicating in a socially acceptable way.

Speech therapy sessions involve modeling proper speech and using repetition exercises to improve speech and language. Speech therapists might use play or books to stimulate communication and increase chances to develop language skills. Therapists will model correct pronunciation, articulation, and expression during play activities and might actually physically show a child how to move their mouths or tongue to create what is speech properly.

We in Shaaron provide Speech Therapy(ST) for our students. ST is part of our curriculum. Our therapist may work with the child individually or lead small groups in the classroom to provide speech exercise. Speech therapy is also provided using speech therapy equipments.